Photo by Lauri Foster

Photo by Lauri Foster

staying calm in the arena
Dr. Margie Sugarman,
equestrian sports psychologist


Aired August 10, 2018

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Riders wanting an added competitive advantage recognize that the highest physical achievements can be seriously undermined if your head isn’t in the game.

Discussing this topic with Elise is Dr. Margie Sugarman, a leading board-certified psychotherapist and sports consultant, with an extensive client list that includes Olympic, professional, and amateur athletes across the US.

In this episode, Elise and Margie discuss sports psychology and how it helps athletes of all capabilities increase their competitive performance, both in training and in the arena. Margie also explains how losing can actually be a good thing, how to shift your internal dialogue to improve your results (both in the competitive arena and in day-to-day life), when a drive to win can take a negative turn toward perfectionism, how parents and coaches can work most successfully with young riders, and Margie’s thoughts on the value of pre-performance rituals.