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episode 102


Airing September 27, 2019

Every time we think we can make a definitive statement about how the human brain works, science makes advances and, in many cases, proves those beliefs to be wrong.

Well, the same is true of our horses’ brains, which directly impacts how they learn, how they experience the world, and how we can more effectively work with them – and, especially, provide them with better lives.

Neuro-scientist, author, and horseman Dr. Stephen Peters was frustrated by the many, often opposing views about training and working with his own horses, He decided to apply his knowledge of the human brain to developing science-based horsemanship. His goal: to understand how a horse’s brain and its behavior are related and affect learning.

So Dr. Peters partnered with trainer and fifth-generation rancher, Martin Black, whose early years training horses were guided by working for legendary horsemen Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt. And together, Dr. Peters and Martin wrote the book Evidence-Based Horsemanship to share their intriguing findings.

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episode 103


Airing October 4, 2019

Have you ever wondered why some horses move so gracefully, so beautifully, it’s like dancing, while other horses just… don’t. Or can’t?

But maybe, with the right approach, they might be able to?

Knowing that a horse’s ease of movement first begins with its inner strength and balance, Visconte (Viscount) Simon Cocozza realized that the way to help the horse achieve this difference is through applying yoga principles – designed and intended for humans – to our equine partners. After extensively working with his own horses, as well as some of the finest equines and trainers in Europe, Simon wrote his book Core Conditioning for Horses: Yoga-Inspired Warm-up Techniques.

Simon is also a performance coach and examiner for FFE, a British qualified trainer, and one of Europe’s leading bio-dynamics researchers. In this fascinating episode, Simon is joining us from his equestrian center in Normandy, France where he trains and, he says, enjoys far too much cheese.

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episode 104