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Jessie haas
dreams do come true...
a book-loving,
horse-crazy girl grew up to be a beloved & prolific author

Aired October 20, 2017

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Ask a young child what he or she would like to be when they grow up, and you’ll get an imaginative list that – once they reach adulthood – rarely bears any resemblance to the career they wind up pursuing.

But occasionally, you’ll meet someone who is doing exactly what they said they’d do, all along. It’s as if their lives are pre-ordained.

The classic books so many of us treasured as children – The Black Stallion, King of the Wind – were not just beloved stories for these determined few. They were guideposts, examples of what they, themselves, could do with their own lives… treasures they, themselves, could create for future generations.

Our guest this week is Jessie Haas, the notable author of over 35 horse books for children and adults, including Unbroken, Chase, Runaway Radish, the Bramble and Maggie books, and books for the American Girl doll, Saige.

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