One of the many films showcased by the EQUUS Film Festival.

One of the many films showcased by the EQUUS Film Festival.

horses in film and human survival
julianne neal

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Aired August 2, 2019

Julianne Neal is an EQUUS Film Festival organizer and co-founder of Nature’s View Natural Humanship and of The Marley Project, a non-profit dedicated to equine awareness and education through the arts.

The “humanship” approach stems from a discovery by Julianne’s partner, Bruce Anderson, who started out wanting to help horses survive in the world we have created… but he quickly realized the horses were fine. It was humans who needed help, with horses being unfairly relegated to serve as metaphors or substitutes for what we’re dealing with in our lives.

Through her nonprofit, The Marley Project, Julianne and her team support equine educational and public service projects, helping educational, church, and civic groups’ projects, as well as individuals for mental health and wellness sessions.

This led, in turn, to Julianne’s hosting the EQUUS Film Festival Camden Tour Stop and her own exploration of horses in film.

About the EQUUS Film Festival

As home to the storytellers of the horse world, the EQUUS Film Festival is the first event of its kind dedicated to equestrian-themed film, fine art, and authors. Founded in 2013 and now based in New York City, the festival was created to highlight and award those who artistically pay homage to the horse. By empowering storytellers to show the rich history and diverse tapestry of horses in human culture through equestrian content, the festival has helped hundreds of films have gain recognition, find international distribution, and reach global audiences.