Photo of Dr. Tom Riddle, courtesy Rood & Riddle

Photo of Dr. Tom Riddle, courtesy Rood & Riddle

the mayo clinic for horses
dr. tom riddle

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Aired June 28, 2019

Renowned for their innovative and phenomenal medical expertise — and frequently called “the Mayo Clinic for horses” — there is no finer veterinary practice than Rood & Riddle, and it is our pleasure to speak with founding partner and reproductive expert Dr. Tom Riddle.

Rood & Riddle began as an ambulatory practice in Lexington, Kentucky in 1982 and established a full-service equine hospital in 1986. Today the practice is known and respected throughout the world for innovative and highly skilled treatment of horses. Rood & Riddle continues their tradition of excellence into the twenty first century serving as a referral center for horses requiring specialized medical and surgical care and providing ambulatory care for all breeds and disciplines. With the original hospital in Lexington, Kentucky and satellite hospitals in Saratoga Springs, New York and Wellington, Florida, Rood & Riddle maintains an unwavering commitment to quality, both in the care of horses and in our relationships with clients and the community.