Photo courtesy Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation

Photo courtesy Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation


Airing May 3, 2019

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Founded in 1983, the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation’s mission is clear and simply stated: to save Thoroughbred horses no longer able to compete on the racetrack from possible neglect, abuse and slaughter.

The sad truth is that a vast majority of the general public and even many racing fans are unaware of the sad fate that awaits thousands of Thoroughbreds each year. They assume each horse is assured a safe and graceful retirement once his racing days are over. Their perception of the “Sport of Kings” is one where great personal wealth and lifelong benevolence to all horses are givens.  Unfortunately, this perception does not reflect reality.

Reality is a Thoroughbred industry made up largely of owners with only modest resources and current economics that dictate that among all owners, no matter how responsible and well-intended, only a relatively few are capable of maintaining even a single Thoroughbred once it is unable to earn its keep on the track.  Reality is a world where horse meat is in demand in many foreign countries and over 10,000 American racehorses each year are shipped to slaughterhouses in Canada and Mexico.  This is a reality the TRF is determined to change.