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sallie stewart
returning from a
traumatic brain injury
on the horse who
almost killed her

Aired November 24, 2017

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Sallie Stewart suffered a traumatic brain injury when her Andalusian stallion, Escogido XXV, lost his footing and fell while she was riding him. Sallie hit the ground first… and then Esco landed on Sallie’s head, causing facial fractures and a brain injury that dramatically changed her life.

A successful real estate broker and dressage rider at the time of the accident, Sallie had been leading a happy life with her husband, children, and four horses. After Esco fell on her, she lost her memory, her balance, and her ability to perform the most basic tasks. She couldn’t hold a job or shake the overwhelming fear that replaced the confidence she once felt.

While her husband and sons taught her to walk, talk, dress, and feed herself, Sallie’s greatest healing was still to come. With her personal life in disarray and her family’s finances in tatters, Sallie was contemplating suicide when she received a life-changing phone call from her dressage coach, Mike Osinski.

Osinski calmed the traumatized horse and challenged Sallie to conquer her fears. As she progressed in her lessons, Sallie recovered her memories and developed a new sense of self. She discovered that her deepest healing took place on the back of the very horse that had fallen on her.... and then she wrote a bookabout it in the hopes of helping others.