Sabine Grebe, Lufthansa

Sabine Grebe, Lufthansa

when horses fly
lufthansa's sabine grebe

Aired August 31, 2018

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As the gateway for most horses going into Germany and Europe, as well as those leaving Europe for international travel, Lufthansa Cargo’s Frankfurt Animal Lounge handles horses of all breeds, disciplines, and training – from elite FEI and Olympic equine competitors to wild Mustangs, fresh off the range.

My guest is Sabine Grebe, Lufthansa Cargo's Animal Lounge chief. If you've ever thought about shipping a horse by air -- even if you've just wondered how it's done -- you'll really enjoy this episode.

From riding in full cowboy regalia in a Bandera, Texas, Memorial Day parade to providing meticulous and knowledgeable care for all of the animals in her charge, Sabine's story is fun and fascinating.