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mounted warfare historian & modern-day indiana jones
mike loades

Aired September 7, 2018

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My guest on this episode is a modern-day Indiana Jones – a noted ancient warfare historian and British Museum lecturer, who could go out into the field and kick some serious ass... with phenomenal charm, a wealth of knowledge, and a twinkle in his eyes.

Mike Loades:  British military historian, television host for Discovery, and regularly appearing on the BBC; a popular presenter at the legendary British Museum; an advisor on archaeological sites; a multi-published author; and fight choreographer for TV, film, and theater. Mike has hosted multiple television series and appeared dozens of times on the BBC. And he's appeared in more than 100 documentaries, including for the History Channel, The Smithsonian Channel, and National Geographic.

Mike has also directed several drama-documentaries, including The Plot to Kill ReaganThe Plot to Kill Jesse James, USS Constellation: Battling for Freedom, and The Hunt for Lincoln’s Assassin. As well, Mike has directed several TV specials for National Geographic and the History Channel, and even advised on the creation of the video game Assassin's Creed: Black Flag.