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niobe thompson
on his new film series: "Equus"

Airing July 27, 2018

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Edmonton-born director and producer Niobe Thompson co-founded Clearwater Documentary in 2007.  Since then, his visually arresting and playfully intelligent science and nature documentaries have won four Gemini and Canadian Screen Awards, and 21 AMPIA Awards.

Under his direction, the 2015 CBC series Great Human Odyssey was described by the Globe & Mail as “Indescribable but brilliant!” won two Canadian Screen Awards, including “Best Science and Nature Documentary,” and was broadcast in 56 countries.  

A Cambridge-trained anthropologist turned filmmaker, Niobe works on both sides of the camera and is known for his fascination with the human journey, from our evolutionary origins to the present day. He has a reputation for turning his body into a living laboratory, bringing science to life in ways that delight, inspire, and often shock his audiences. He is as comfortable chatting with Siberian reindeer nomads and breath-hold diving with Badjao free divers, as he is filming heart and lung transplant surgeries.

Working with director Alexandra Lazarovich, Niobe is presently producing a short documentary for CBC Digital on women wildfire fighters in the Canadian North.  He is also producing and directing Equus, an ambitious new three-part science and nature series exploring the horse in human history, airing on CBC, PBS, ZDF, Arte, DR and “Kazakhstan” in 2018.

In 2016, Niobe became the only filmmaker to have won the Edmonton Film Prize a second time.