From the film, "Equus: Story of the Horse"

From the film, "Equus: Story of the Horse"

niobe thompson
on his new film series: "Equus"

Aired July 27, 2018

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Not so long ago, all horses were wild. But then we transformed our world with horse power.

These are the opening lines of the exciting new three-part film series, "Equus: Story of the Horse," and internationally renowned Canadian filmmaker Dr. Niobe Thompson is my guest on this episode of Because of Horses.

Niobe is a Cambridge-trained anthropologist; an Emmy-nominated filmmaker who’s won multiple Canadian Screen Awards, Alberta Film Awards, and the Edmonton Film Prize; and he is a self-proclaimed horse lover.

In addition to his fascination with mankind’s evolution, Niobe has discovered that his love for horses is a passion he shares with people all over the world. So it makes perfect sense that he wanted to know what makes horses and humans so perfect for each other. The resulting film series is a rich, beautiful, and insightful look into the human/horse relationship, how it likely began, and how it's evolved over time. And it far exceeds even the highest standards of Niobe's previous, highly awarded work -- engaging the heart, the mind, and the imagination on this visually stunning exploration across time and geography.

Equus: Story of the Horse will debut September 23, 2018, on Canada’s CBC TV’s “The Nature of Things.” In the US, Equus can be found on PBS' "Nature" and "Nova," airing in February 2019. And extensive worldwide broadcasts are being scheduled for early 2019; Because of Horses will update this page as the dates are released.

In the meantime, I encourage you to treat yourself to the trailer -- the link is below.