keeping the wild in the west
mustang meg


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Aired June 22, 2018

Mustang Meg (Sonya Spaziani) is renowned for her photography, field research, and ongoing efforts to educate the public on the status of wild Mustangs.

Currently, 75,000 wild horses are caught in political, emotional, and environmental controversy. Another 45,000 are held in government holding pens, costing the Bureau of Land Management nearly $50 million annually. It is estimated that there are more wild horses in captivity now than exist in the wild -- with more round-ups scheduled regularly.

Wild horse advocacy has become one of the largest grassroots efforts in US history – a touchpoint for horse enthusiasts, conservationists, ranchers, and even politicians.

In the midst of this volatility, Mustang Meg is respected not only for her expertise, but also for her willingness to partner, as a steadfast advocate, with all sides on behalf of the horses she so devotedly works to protect. 

This is a very special episode of Because of Horses.