paula josa jones
partnering with horses

Airing May 11, 2018

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For years, horse trainers and equine experts have sought new ways to tap into that which for many remains elusive: the ability to use the human body, and our often neglected power of intent, to explain to the horse what we want, as well as receive in and understand his answer.  

Now in her fascinating book -- Our Horses, Ourselves -- dancer and choreographer Paula Josa-Jones examines this age-old conundrum from a whole new angle, combining her two greatest passions: movement and horses. Through stories, strategies, and over 65 meditations and gentle exercises, Josa-Jones shows us how we can develop greater somatic awareness away from the horse, as well as how being with the horse can help this consciousness continue to evolve.

The result is we not only have a closer, more intuitive connection with our horses, we are more trustworthy, more comfortable in our own skin, and better prepared to act with balance, sensitivity, and kindness in all our relationships.

“A beautiful, spiritual and touching look at our great love and need for animals. Brilliant and heartfelt.” –Jon Katz, New York Times Bestselling Author, Former Executive Producer of CBS Morning News

“What Paula Josa–Jones has done…is to bring each aspect of the combined arts of equitation and dance into new and sublime focus.” –Carly Simon, Singer/Songwriter

“A breath of fresh air…where any one of us with a true desire to really be with horses, to partner with them in work, pleasure, or competition, should begin.” –Linda Tellington-Jones, Bestselling Author, Founder of the Tellington Method®