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Aired June 1, 2018


Horse-crazy kids are born every day and many others find their way to a passion for horses as they go through childhood. But for those who want to some day work in the horse industry, figuring out where to begin can be extraordinarily difficult -- especially if they don’t have the contacts or the level of knowledge needed to get that first break.

The Kentucky Equine Management Internship (KEMI) was founded in 2000 to resolve this very real need. The feeling was that there were an awful lot of young people with a passion for horses, but without the connections to really get anywhere from a career perspective.

The internship program bridges the gap between education and the Thoroughbred industry, and much of its success is due to Leslie Janecka, the program’s coordinator for 18 years.

Because of this program –  and through Leslie’s  guidance – hundreds of students have graduated and gone on to realize the careers they only dreamed about as youngsters.