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fran jurga
journalism, equine health,  spielberg's "War horse,"
& the 3-Legged pony named molly

Airing March 2, 2018

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Award-winning blogger and author Fran Jurga has spent her professional life weaving delightful stories about veterinarians and farriers, the unsung heroes of the horse world, for her popular websites, The Jurga Report for EQUUS Magazine and The Hoof Blog for her own Hoofcare Publishing. She has traveled the world, going from small blacksmiths in Scotland to Hunter Valley in Australia, Chantilly in France, and to New Zealand, in search of the latest discoveries in hoof health. 

And she has been studying and reporting on how human friends of horses have striven to cure horses of debilitating and often fatal diseases, and has reported on pioneering breakthroughs in hoof treatments.

[She also covered War Horse, focusing on] ... a theme running through all her stories and publications: the bond between horse and humans is a strong and everlasting one.

“The story of War Horse is that some humans can be moved to acts of kindness towards a horse, even when they are in the midst of the most devastating and degrading circumstances in their own lives,” Jurga says in a press release.

Working with the publicity departments for Dreamworks Pictures in the United States and England, War Horse News [featured] behind-the-scenes stories about the equine actors who performed so believably in the film, she says. 

[excerpted from Off Track Thoroughbreds]