brandi lyons
takes the family name
to the next level
with "no limits"

Aired January 26, 2018

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Brandi Lyons doesn’t just carry on with one of the most trusted names in the horse industry – yes, her dad is the iconic John Lyons – she takes to the next level the work her father began.

A renowned trainer in her own right, Brandi has spent the last 18 years working with horse owners through her No Limits clinics, symposiums, DVDs, and certification programs.

Brandi is renowned for her patience and kindness, and is a much sought-after clinician worldwide. Her perspective on the horse/human bond is both fresh and eye-opening, and based on a lifetime of experience and a wealth of common sense.

She’s also a remarkable human being: the mother of five beautiful daughters, she knows first-hand what can happen when the worst occurs and she’s personally fought back from grave injury to not only ride again, but to help others manage their own fears.