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bianca Mccarty
from german au pair
to professional photographer

Airing January 12, 2018

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It can be tempting to look at people who are following their dreams, especially at a young age, and incorrectly conclude that they are uniquely courageous, uniquely driven, and uniquely gifted in a way “normal mortals” aren’t.

And while it’s accurate to say that people who follow their dreams possess each of these characteristics,  what truly sets them on their paths is true resilience and the determination to stay the course.

This is certainly the case with the talented young photographer, Bianca McCarty.  Every time a path opened before her, Bianca acknowledges having felt some degree of fear… yet her conscious decision to move into that fear, to not allow it to hold her back… led her to the States from her home in Germany… led her to give a college photography course a try… led her to become a promising professional photographer whose work is already being recognized internationally… led her to meet and marry her husband… led her to a beautiful existence on a horse farm, photographing Iberian horses, and living in Colorado – one of the loveliest places in the US.

And it all started with a passion for riding, back when Bianca was a little girl, living with her family in the middle of a big city in Germany.