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happiness, hope, and healing through horses

Aired January 5, 2018

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Join us for a wonderful discussion with:

Equest Founder Susan Schwartz
Equest CEO Lili Kellogg
Hooves for Heroes Director Jeff Hensley

While passion abounds in all industries and the really fortunate among us create fulfilling careers, there’s a very clear difference between a job and a calling – especially when the work that you and your colleagues perform every day results in what many might describe as borderline miraculous.

Giving comfort and peace to those with PTSD, depression, or severe anxiety. Providing a place of belonging and hope to many who’ve been marginalized and who are viewed as DISabled. Hearing a traumatized child utter a belly-laugh for the first time in years. Watching someone leave a wheelchair behind and race the wind on the back of a therapy horse…

For the staff and volunteers at Equest and at Hooves for Heroes, this is only a small glimpse of the incredible difference they’re making every single day in the lives of people they serve. It’s why Susan Schwartz founded Equest 37 years ago. It’s why Lili Kellogg leads Equest as its CEO. And it’s why Jeff Hensley is the Hooves for Heroes director.

The happiness, joy, and hope therapeutic riding offers its participants are best summed up by one autistic boy who recently told his mother, “When I ride, I feel human.”