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what is a podcast?

Think of a podcast as a recorded radio program. Instead of turning the dial on your radio, however, you can either listen to a podcast online (streaming) or you can download it to your preferred device (smart phone, iPad, etc.).  You can even listen to podcasts via Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Home voice-operated speakers.

Podcasts are free and they cover an incredibly wide variety of topics, so there’s literally something for everyone. 

Podcasts are also super convenient, once you get the hang of where to find them. This is especially true when you subscribe to a podcast because new episodes will automatically appear wherever you prefer to listen to them. And you can listen to them whenever you like, at your convenience.


How do they work?

Podcasters don’t rely on ratings the way radio broadcasters do; instead, they rely on the numbers of listeners and subscribers. This, in turn, has the potential to allow podcasters to gain income through sponsors or advertisers.

What this means for listeners is that podcasters are passionate about their chosen subject and very dedicated to providing quality content – they have to be, since they’re usually footing the bill to produce the show… at least in the early days. And to attract and keep listeners, and then to actually turn the podcast into something that keeps their family fed… the show needs to be the best they can produce.

So:  win/win for listeners.

How do you listen to a podcast?

1.      Go to a podcasting site.

a.      If you have an iPhone, you’ll want iTunes; Android phones use Google Play or Podcast Republic. Other equally good choices include Stitcher, TuneIn, PlayerFM, or you can get the direct RSS feed (tech-speak for subscription) from a site like Libsyn.

2.      Click on the hyperlink for each podcast you want. You can listen right away on your computer (streaming) or you can download the podcast to your preferred device.

3.      You can also subscribe to one or more RSS feeds. Your podcasting software will automatically pull new episodes as they’re “aired.”

And that’s it! You can listen to as many podcasts as you like, whenever and wherever you like – during your daily commute or eating lunch or working out or cutting the grass or….


Since Podcasts are free, how do you pay for groceries?

I'm so glad you asked!  [grin]   Podcasters really count on listeners in two ways:

1. The more listeners a podcast has, the more likely a company will consider sponsoring it or advertising on its episodes -- just like a traditional radio show.  This income helps cover production costs.

2. Listeners who love what they're hearing can donate -- literally, all amounts are welcome... yes, even $1 is helpful!

Otherwise, podcasters cover all production and advertising expenses -- as well as buying groceries, keeping the internet service working, yada yada yada -- out of our own pockets. 

So if you like what you hear, please tell everyone you know and encourage them to listen to Because of Horses Podcast. And if you feel so inclined, any amount you'd like to donate would be truly, genuinely, holy cow I'm not kidding, really really really appreciated!